Innovation Agency

Innovation models are diverse, with the options and approaches companies can follow when implementing innovation programs being highly dependent upon their specific circumstances. However correctly gauging the nature of these circumstances can be especially difficult given the diverse and complex social, organisational and governance structures that have come to be deeply embedded within the culture of a company.

Over the last several years social networks have educated people to use information about themselves and their friends more actively. This has caused a spill-over effect in organisations where the benefits of social networks can be contrasted against formal structures to deliver more effective and efficient innovation practices. Innovation Agency is at the forefront of developing analytical tools and approaches that enable us to identify these ‘shadow networks’ and leverage them effectively in order to energise collaboration and stimulate innovation across a broad range of industries.

New people joining our organisation are specifically selected because of their skills and their proven track records. Because of this selection rigour, we’ve found that our team will be small and specialised in order to maintain our level of expertise. Our wider network of researchers includes both local and international universities, research organisations and individual specialists. This network is dedicated to delivering to our customers, who also participate and guide the delivery processes.

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